Why tgMember?

We are the best Telegram service provider. Why get service from us? what is our guarantee to you?

Registered company

We are the first company and the most reputable company In addition to online and virtual services You can coming to our company and receive services Our company has been officially registered and has been approved by Google map

Dec 01, 2016

Software expertise

More than 3 years of specialized work within the telegram Familiarity with Telegram API Library Programming and development of robot types under the telegram platform in Lua، PHP، Python،.... languages Seven years of activity in a variety of social networks Director of the company has a degree in computer software engineering

Jan 08, 2017

Co-operation and marketing

The satisfaction of all our customers and everyone who used our services. Co-operation and support of some large companies and services in Telegram. Various suggestions for cooperation. Having more than 30 members in subset, interacting as intermediaries and marketers

Feb 10, 2017

Different and cheap services

Support all products Free updates The price is very lower and cheaper Providing services in all fields Dedicated team to meet a variety of customer needs

Mar 14, 2018

Our tasks and responsibility that is :

Doing correctly customer demands - Responsibility to customers rights - Responsiveness promptly - Respect to customer

May 12, 2017

Symbols of trust & License

Symbols of trust - Registered services - Business activity license - Company registration number - Fast and 24/7 support and service - Constant and permanent customers - High number of customers and cooperation with them - Marketing and introducing us to others through with old customers

Feb 07, 2017

Great Software and Service

Lifetime Software - Get updates for free - High-speed in conducting orders and delivering services - Money back guarantee (in case of any problem) up to 30 days - Support via Web, Skype, Telegram, Email, Facebook, Remote Desktop, TeamViewer and Call Phone, SMS, as well meeting in the company office

Feb 08, 2018