tgMember Terms

Given the unclear telegraph policies and other social networking and cybermanagement leaders,

And given that in Iran the copyright law (copyrights) is not clearly specified,

1 - All software that has license and activation code is valid only for the owner of the work. 2 - Software owners, servers and ... are required to maintain their service. 3. Any software that is cracked is vulnerable to security and we have no liability for it. 4 - All our software is cracked. 5 - All updates for cracked software are free. 6 - The buyer can test online directly and directly on the software before purchasing it on the company's computer or request a test and we are required to submit a test and sample test. 7. If you do not receive your order within 72 hours after ordering and depositing money, you can receive a return payment or get a free service charge of 20% of your order. 5. If the software is upgraded and the cracked version is disabled, if the new version is cracked, it will be provided free of charge, otherwise, if the purchase time is less than one month, the full amount will be fully refunded to the buyer. . Otherwise, we will not be held liable for this. 6 - All buyers, whether dear inside or outside the country, can make purchases and pay with: WebMoney, Yandex, Bitcoin, Ethereal and other digital currency.

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Sajjad Taheri, director of the company and tgMember Team.