Telegram Group Scraper

25 Jan

Telegram Group Scraper

 Providing warranties for banning or deleting user accounts 

You can be sure that you can easily use the tool even without the need for changes and settings without any banning or deletion of accounts.

Method is used to categorize its members of groups by filtering the last time online and activity and stored.

  • Ability automatic change accounts for adding members.
  • Ability set delay between per operation.
  • Ability set numbers of user that will be added with per account and automatically go to next account after adding.
  • Extract user's (even without Username) from multi groups and automatically adding to your target group.
  • Ability to set user's activity time (last seen and online) for extract and adding.
  • Free configuration
  • No need for technical and specialized knowledge to work with this script.
  • High speed and stability
  • Possibility to report each operation accurately
  • Possibility to set the proxy.
  • Ability to set API ID, HASH.
  • No problem or crash

Ability to add or save new accounts.

Usability in Windows 10 & Ubuntu server 16, 18

18% off for payment with bitcoin, ethereum, tether
After payment, login to your account in the site 
The software download link will be activated immediately in the download section 
and from order section you can see your software license.
  • The license of all software is lifetime valid.
  • Provide updates for any software will be free forever!
  • The tgMember team will not be have liable for other selling site and people.
  • For any purchases outside of website we do not provide support and after-sales service.


Our official site:

Installation and configuration will be done on Windows 10 for free.

If you have Ubuntu server, Installation and configuration will be done for free.

If need to server,  $ 9 will be added to fee (monthly)

First month it will be free.

Sales to a limited number

Priority with constant and old customers.