Telegram Thunder
Telegram Adrenaline
March 2, 2020

Telegram Thunder

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Telegram Thunder

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Telegram Thunder




  • Very high speed and stability
  • Intelligent Anti-Lock System (New)
  • People are not added to the group by lines or unsold
  • Insert images, usernames, names and descriptions on accounts (virtual or real ones).
  • Extract User Name (UserName) members of target groups
  • The mechanism for removing accounts (virtual or real) by spam bots
  • Support @username with phone number (both simultaneously)
  • Compatible with IP Changers to prevent IP blocking and Mac Address
  • Complete program stability in very massive activities (no problem and program crash).
  • Installable and deployed on servers
  • Ability to add or save new virtual numbers
  • Ability to stop and continue the operation from the last stopping point
  • Possibility to adjust the amount of stops and interruptions
  • Possibility to add or change link of target groups
  • Ability to update the app automatically by clicking on a button
  • Based on the API, it works without using a mouse and keyboard
  • Can be installed and compatible with all versions of Windows (.NET Framework 4.5).
  • Limited support and updates
  • Possibility to provide a very accurate and complete report for each operation with CSV split and format
  • Core Edition under the Console App for programmers and Web Service enthusiasts for the program

And hundreds of other special features.


Telegram ThunderTelegram Thunder

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Export Telegram Group Members

export all of telegram group members, export members from public and private links, export telegram username, export member without username

Telegram Member Addre

add member to telegram groups with public and private links, add member from username list, add member from userid list, add member from phone numbers list, add member from other groups


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