Telegram Spammer
June 7, 2018
Telegram Admiral
June 24, 2018

Telegram Spell

  • With the Spel Telegram you can change the outcome to your desirable
  • conversation and win the polls, without any trace of you or the virtual lines,
  • change the votes in your favor or by increasing the click. Earn revenue !!!
  • No need to install (very simple and fast)
  • No need for technical knowledge to work with this program
  • Very high speed and stability in receiving information
  • Very high speed and stability in processing and voting for posting polls
  • Record and submit a complete and accurate report of activities
  • Quite graphical and user-friendly
  • Ability to set Appid and Apphash from the Telegram API to connect to the
  • proprietary (new) APIs.
  • Ability to vote and click on the glass button of any kind of polling robot !!!!!!!
  • (From VoteBot to LikeBot and …, all in summary)
  • Supports all vibration and sensing robots (with glass button) with custom
  • button setting (new)
  • Possibility to define the key to increase the vote
  • Fully automated and smart without the need for activity or spending time on the program
  • Bypassing IP and Mac Diagnostics by Telegram (No Limit)
  • Supports two switching algorithms and a normal Lodding
  • Full application stability on bulk (no problem and program crash)
  • Installable and deployed on servers
  • Ability to stop and continue
  • Without engaging your system without using a mouse and keyboard
  • Can be installed and compatible with all versions of Windows and Linux
  • Support and updates are permanent and free
  • And hundreds of other special features
  • And hundreds of other special features
Sajjad Taheri
Sajjad Taheri
tgMember® Corporation We are only team with activity license and official representative authorized for the sale and development of robots and software on the Telegram platform with permanent support and update. whatsapp : +989216973112 skype : tgMemberPlus messenger : telegram: Our mission No one else needs to pay for marketing and advertising their business. Very easy to can get all the software you need. And by them develop your business. And very easy you can to do marketing. And can make more profit. And you make progress.

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