Telegram Spiral

Telegram Spiral

  • Name : Telegram Spiral
  • Version : 1.74
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Telegram Bulk Sende

Telegram Royal (Bulk sending and advertising)

Send virtualization software and advertising Telegram + add member of the channel (sending and advertising)


  • No need to install and setup (simple and fast)
  • No need for technical knowledge to work with this app
  • High speed and stability Send Message
  • Registration and delivery of complete and accurate Posts
  • Anti-block system Smart Lines (new)
  • Hide automated spam reporting system bar (new)
  • The ability to import virtual lines and channels and visit Posts (X deleted!)
  • Make a list of the number range Number Number way, (X deleted!)
  • Full stability program submitted very dense (no problem and crash the application)
  • Installation and deployment of application servers
  • You can add or save a virtual number (to send messages)
  • Automated fault detection and fix flaws virtual lines
  • Support for encryption on virtual lines (Two Step Verification) for the stability of your lines (X deleted!)
  • Ability to send messages to all users telegram (sending out)
  • Sending of any kind virtual lines and safe post
  • Storage facilities and backup of virtual lines and reporting posts
  • Ability to load Excel or text file number recipients
  • Allows you to send text, picture with no restriction on the size of the desired subtitle
  • Sending a channel, group and individual Svprgrvh (X only group !!!)
  • Send a picture and description and the names of your favorite channels and groups (X deleted!)
  • Lets you specify the name and number display virtual image
  • Possibility of adjusting the speed of transmission and number of the band and channel and ceiling write of each line
  • Possibility to stop the post and hang on to it
  • Without involving your system without using the mouse and keyboard
  • Install and compatible with all versions of Windows and Linux
  • Permanent and free support and updates
  • And hundreds of other special features

Buy online
After payment, Immediately will be emailed your account information and access link.


Sajjad Taheri (Administrator)




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