Telegram Sirena
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February 27, 2020
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February 27, 2020

Telegram Sirena

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Telegram Sirena

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Telegram Sirena

  • Runs on all Windows
  • A simple and english
  • Ability to send text, images, audio, video
  • Ability to forward channel post.
  • Ability to set on the channel or group for automatic send and forward.
  • Get real members by bulk send on the telegram groups, user’s, contact, robots.
  • Get real view by bulk forward on telegram groups, user’s, contact, robots.
  • Ability to send emoticons.
  • Ability to send with markdon or html format.
  • Ability to set delay time between each forward.
  • Ability to multi tasking.
  • Ability to run and using on the virtual server (VPS) for more advertising.
  • Ability to install account with the telegram-cli and telegram-bot on the linux.
  • .Ability to config on the ubuntu with CLI bot for more option.
  • Automatic detect telegram links from group, channel, private chat, long text, …..
  • Import link from txt file
  • Separating group links from channel and save group links
  • Ability to check and test links to be healthy or canceled
  • Automatically save group links and save healthy links
  • Have automatic membership feature only within groups
  • Ability to set the time interval between each membership
  • Autoresponder capability against specific words and sentences
  • Ability to add default sentences and answers in any language and format
  • Automatic storage of telegram accounts using a mobile number
  • Ability to add saved contacts and account users to the group
  • Ability to add a special user or robot with username to all group with a command.
  • Every account able join to 600 group and every bot able add to 600 group.
  • Ability to activate automatic message and send automatically
  • Ability to leave all groups
  • Ability to filter groups for membership in arbitrary groups
  • Ability to run multiple programs together on one system at a time
  • And many other feature

Telegram SirenaTelegram Sirena

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