Telegram Phantom

04 Dec

Telegram Phantom

The most professional converter accounts

Telegram conversion software accounts 

accounts Fast and accurate conversion of all formats Telegram

telegram phantom

  • No need to install and setup (simple and fast)
  • No need for technical knowledge to work with this app
  • Very high conversion speed and stability on large accounts telegram
  • No need for any ancillary costs !!!
  • Converter and Creator has two modes for different applications.
  • Take into account by creating a new connection (the so-called Create Session)
  • Possibility to connect directly without creating a new account (so-called Convert Session)
  • Unable to upload large numbers of files in the program (all formats)
  • Support converting TGA, STAT, TDATA, TPA, KEY, TG to each other
  • TDATA converted to other formats, even with two-stage lock without difficulty and requires a two-step password (in Version Converter program) !!!
  • Czech double mechanism to investigate and meticulous accounts (in the Creator's Edition)
  • Without involving your system without the need for mouse and keyboard (all versions of the program is fully automated and as API)
  • More than 10,000 accounts TDATA telegram to convert to other formats (convert TDATA to STAT and TGA and KEY) in 24 hours for API !!!
  • The ability to turn over account 10000000 telegram TGA, STAT and KEY to each other in 24 hours for API !!!
  • Convert and then TDATA TPA to other formats for API and fast, without restrictions on the conversion?
  • It is based on the API and without involving the mouse and keyboard (for the background to do that)
  • Install and compatible with all versions of Windows
  • Permanent and free support and updates
  • And hundreds of other special features

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The software download link will be activated immediately in the download section 
and from order section you can see your software license.
  • The license of all software is lifetime valid.
  • Provide updates for any software will be free forever!
  • The tgMember team will not be have liable for other selling site and people.
  • For any purchases outside of website we do not provide support and after-sales service.


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