Telegram Lizard - Check Phone Number For Having Telegram Or Not

30 Sep

    Telegram Lizard    

Software for checking and separating telegram lines from non-telegrams 

suitable for making telegram lines and checking virtual lines

telegram lizard - telegram phone numbers filtertgLizard

  • No need to install (very simple and fast)
  • No need for technical knowledge to work with this program
  • No need for a virtual line and other side fees
  • Very high speed and stability in checking lines
  • Ability to start and stop operations in the program
  • Ability to set the check speed using the definition of simultaneous processing units (Thread section in version 2)
  • Continue to operate in case of problem or silence of the system during program execution
  • Possibility to check the virtual lines of the STL file (if the virtual line number is the virtual file name file)
  • Possibility of separating virtual log files from STAT format and separating healthy from unhealthy
  • Ability to delete duplicate numbers and unique number list numbers before starting the review!
  • Record and submit complete and accurate reports
  • Full program stability in checking very massive lines (no problem and crash program)
  • The highest speed possible in checking the numbers and their breakdowns (the speed according to the telegram servers)
  • Install able and deployed on servers
  • Without engaging your system without using a mouse and keyboard
  • Can be installed and compatible with all versions of Windows and Linux
  • Support and updates are permanent and free
  • And hundreds of other special features
  • Design and programming: sheypoorak co , sales on tgMember specialized 

And hundreds of other special features

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