Telegram Catalyze
Telegram Account Creator
May 7, 2019
Extract Telegram Group Members
May 30, 2019

Telegram Catalyze

  • No need for easy and fast installation (portable software)
  • No need for technical and specialized knowledge to work with this program
  • Very high speed and stability
  • Record and submit a complete and accurate report
  • Quite graphical and user-friendly (in English)
  • Intelligent Anti-Lock System (New)
  • Circular telegram system for blocking from duplicate messages (text
  • variables and message lists)
  • Possibility to forward post from channel to recipient or target group numbers (new and special)
  • Possibility to send messages individually or in groups (to groups or personal messages of individuals)
  • Ability to set the name and description of the target group’s variable
  • Ability to delete contacts or created groups or block contacts after posting to a user’s custom
  • Set the maximum message sent by any account (sender)
  • Installable and deployed on virtual servers
  • Possibility to send messages to all telegram users (sent in and out).
  • Possibility to send from any kind of live and forwardable virtual lines
  • Ability to set the name and display of virtual numbers
  • Check the phone numbers to check their membership in the telegram
  • Numbers filter to distinguish telegram from non-telegram
  • Possibility to report each operation accurately and individually with a personal robot in the telegram
  • Ability to set arbitrary robots and custom recipients
  • Set up and synchronize the history of the server or system to avoid
  • communication problems with the telegram server
  • Possibility to set the proxy (IP connection) line of the line individually and proprietary for each line when registering line if desired.
  • Ability to set API ID, HASH and type of device connected to Line Separate for each line (automatic and manual)
  • Compatible with IP Changers to prevent IP blocking and Mac Address
  • The complete stability of the application in very bulk uploads
  • No problem and crash the app
  • Ability to add or save virtual numbers (for sending messages).
  • Support @username with phone number (both simultaneously)
  • Ability to add or save new virtual numbers
  • Ability to stop and continue the operation from the last stopping point
  • Possibility to adjust the amount of stops and interruptions
  • Based on the API, it works without using a mouse and keyboard
  • Can be installed and compatible with all versions of Windows
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Limited support and updates
  • Possibility to provide a very accurate and complete report for each operation with CSV split and format
  • Core Edition under the Console App for programmers and Web Service enthusiasts for the program


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