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Telegram Thunder
Telegram Thunder
May 30, 2019
All Telegram Marketing Software in One Pack
All Telegram Marketing Software in One Pack
June 9, 2019

Telegram View


Increase Telegram channel post, Just with a click

No need to proxy, account, server or other extra cost

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Telegram View

Telegram Seen Hack

  • Some features of the application
  • Set the speed for sending view
  • Increase view for 10 posts, at same time
  • Choose number view to : 100, 500, 1000, 5000, and 10,000
  • Running with different speeds : slow, medium and fast
  • Usable for all public channels
  • The ability to increase view for amount desired
  • start and stop in amount desired
  • No need to join anybody
  • No need to change the channel
  • without using proxy, account
  • No need to additional cost
  • Just one click
  • Ability to run on several different systems
Developed in May 2019
Completely new and professional



Very important

For this produc
Only via crypto and BTC payment is accepted
In case of payment of other methods, Software Licensing will not be provided and money after deduction of 10% will be refunded


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