Telegram Spell

Telegram Spell

Auto increase vote, poll, like, click and inline keyboard.

With the Telegram Spell you can change the outcome to your desirable conversation and win the polls, without any trace of you or the virtual lines, change the votes in your favor or by increasing the click. Earn revenue !!!

With the Spel Telegram you can change the outcome to your desirable conversation and win the polls, without any trace of you or the virtual lines, change the votes in your favor or by increasing the click. Earn revenue !!!
No need to install (very simple and fast)
No need for technical knowledge to work with this program
Very high speed and stability in receiving information
Very high speed and stability in processing and voting for posting polls
Record and submit a complete and accurate report of activities
Quite graphical and user-friendly
Ability to set Appid and Apphash from the Telegram API to connect to the proprietary (new) APIs.
Ability to vote and click on the glass button of any kind of polling robot !!!!!!! (From VoteBot to LikeBot and ..., all in summary)
Supports all vibration and sensing robots (with glass button) with custom button setting (new)
Possibility to define the key to increase the vote
Fully automated and smart without the need for activity or spending time on the program
Bypassing IP and Mac Diagnostics by Telegram (No Limit)
Supports two switching algorithms and a normal Lodding
Full application stability on bulk (no problem and program crash)
Installable and deployed on servers
Ability to stop and continue
Without engaging your system without using a mouse and keyboard
Can be installed and compatible with all versions of Windows and Linux
Support and updates are permanent and free
And hundreds of other special features

  • And hundreds of other special features

Buy online
After payment, Immediately will be emailed your account information and access link.

Price: $73

  • Get updates for free
  • Usage Guide + English Video Tutorial
  • Perform installation and configuration on your personal computer through the TeamViewer for free (if needed)

Sajjad Taheri (Administrator)


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на интернет добавить членов телеграммы добави фалшив член към телеграма канал онлайн добавете членове на телеграмата дадаць членаў тэлеграм дадаць падроблены элемент тэлеграму канал онлайн группы телеграмм 18 войти в телеграмм відправити масові повідомлення Telegram боты телеграмма книги боты телеграмм україна боты телеграмм украина боты телеграмм проверка авто боты телеграмм музыка вк боты телеграмм для групп боты телеграмм в казахстане боты телеграмм 2018 боты телеграмм 2017 боты телеграмм 18 ташкент боты телеграмм 18 видео боты телеграм книги боты телеграм для взрослых боты телеграм для бизнеса боты книги телеграмм боты для раскрутки телеграмм боты для групповых чатов телеграмм боты для групп телеграмм боты в телеграмме 18 бот телеграмм номер телефона бот телеграмм номер авто бот телеграмм музыка поиск бот телеграмм музыка вконтакте бот телеграмм книги Epub бот телеграмм книги 2017 бот телеграмм википедия бот телеграмм автономер бот телеграмм автомобили бот телеграмм 2017 бот на 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