Telegram Fake Member and View Generator - Soren

Telegram Fake Member and View Generator

Telegram Soren

  • No need for installation (portable) 
  • Very high speed and stability in adding members
  • Adding virtual or virtual lines to or from groups
  • Ability to increase and view concurrently or separately for the last 100 posts
  • Ability to load numbers in the program with STAT format
  • Ability to delete, image and name on lines and start With three free software 
  • Work On the windows, android, mac operation system.
  • Ability to add fake member without account and virtual number to every day 2k.
  • Ability to increase view for 5 post that you choose, without need account and virtual numbers, to every day 10k.
  • Ability to add fake member for every public channel and group.
  • Ability to increase view for every public channel.
  • Without virtual number, create account, extra charge, ....
  • for converting and checking lines Absolutely API-based and without 
  • touching the mouse and keyboard Can be installed and compatible with all 
  • versions of Windows And fixes the previous version's defects

The best software for increase fake members and view unlimited and without extra cost.

* Comes with all the prerequisites and educational videos for your easy use *

Buy online
After payment, Immediately will be emailed your account information and access link.


  • Get updates for free
  • Usage Guide + English Video Tutorial
  • Perform installation and configuration on your personal computer through the TeamViewer for free (if needed)

Sajjad Taheri (Administrator)


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#Label - #Tag - #Tags - #Page - #tgMember - #sitemap 

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