Under Modernizations

Our good users will be undoubtedly waiting for a surprise and amazing facilities.


  We made VIP version for all software.

In the new update, all software has be changed to public and VIP versions.

The software that is in available and now using will be recognized as the public version.

New users will be get VIP version after two months from their purchase and authentication.

and current clients will be analysed.
  • Payments, refunds, registered information, payment information, IP, emails, session, permissions and .... Will be checked.
  • fake payments, fraudulent information, spamer,.... and any problem in accounts, will cause get banned and their IP will be take in blacklist.
  • Users who have a duplicate session with different IP will be lost software license and revoked.
  and ...
  • old customers who always have patience and have on our side;
  • they trusted us without any problem;
  • used sincere their services;
They'll get new update (VIP version) and have enjoy with more features.  
Many software public version will be available for free. And you doing payment only for software license.

We will soon come back;

with new features and new management ;)

Powerful & Faster

  Best Regards

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